Day 2

Day 2

Day 2 … not as much of a challenge.  Yay me!  There is organic coffee available!  I have never really understood the concept of “organic”.  I know that they do not use pesticides and any chemical growth enhancements.  But when it rains, it rains on all farms and washes eveyrthng off, pesticides and all.  Doesn;t it all run into the same water table that the “organic” plants drink from?  I must look into this further.  That does not mean that I should ignore what benefits may be derived from a new approach.  I really miss my morning brew… (sigh)


I discovered that a boiled egg really helps the hunger and raw almonds alleviate the need for something crunchy.  Potato chips be gone!


Water intake – I was vigilant with this today.  Big pat on the back for this…. I really don’t like to drink water.


Weight:  165.5

Amy Wong
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